Silicon carbide heating elements

Through a P.I.D. potentiometric pyrometer linked to a Pt.PtRh thermocouple set inside the muffle and protected by a ceramic covering.

The furnaces belonging to this group are built starting from the floor and consist mainly of two parts:
-- The external muffle is separate from the steelwork
-- The external steelwork

-- Daily or weekly timer
-- Temperature-time setting unit
-- Automatic compensation for ageing of the resistors

It consists of silite rods used with low surface load for lower ageing and improved constant temperature of the muffle. The silite rods are laid transversally to the chamber, on the furnace crown under the hearth. The incandescent part corresponds to the width of the muffle. The terminal metal ends protruding from the two sides of the furnace are connected through special clamps devised to prevent overheating. A natural draught cools the connections. The number of silite rods used to make a thermoelectric equipment vary according to the type of furnace and to the maximum temperature achievable.
Used to check machine load and the wearing away of the rods.
Silicon carbide resistor furnaces are devised to carry out high temperature treatments in perfect safety. Such safety features are the result of great attention to the following:   - Accurate choice of the materials used
  - Wide and progressive insulation
  - Separation of the muffle from the external steelwork
  - The use of low surface load resistors

Quick sliding opening device through a lever set by the furnace. Upon opening the door, a microchip disconnects the heating elements.

It is made of refractory silica alumina with heat and thermal shock resistant silicon carbide hearth.

With separate refractories characterized by separate thermal conductivity.

Screened muffle when the substances treated may damage the silite rods. The top temperature is dropped by 100 °C during the screened function. INERT OR REDUCING ATMOSPHERES.

Model Dimensions mm Weight Power Max temperature °C Tension
a h b A H B Mono. Tri.
SF 4 150 100 250 570 1620 810 150 4 1400 * *
SF 6 180 120 300 570 1620 810 200 6,5 1400 * *
SF 10 200 150 350 700 1620 860 400 8,5 1400   *
SF 16 200 180 400 910 1960 1110 600 14 1400   *
SF 25 250 200 500 910 1960 1110 800 16 1400   *
SF 40 400 400 600 1110 1960 1210 1000 38 1400   *

One-year warranty against manufacturing defects
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