GME ELECTRIC FURNACES 1400 °C silicon carbide resistors

All purpose laboratory furnaces; Rapid heating and cooling; Flexible use; Suitable for programmed thermal cycles

This compact and light furnace meets the most varied needs as regards high temperature testing inside metallurgical and chemical laboratories. The heating carbide silicon elements and the low inertia thermal insulation are crucial as they make this type of furnace very versatile in terms of quick heating and cooling procedures besides ensuring low power consumption. Increased resistivity due to the ageing of the resistors is manually compensated for by an electronic device and related maximum power gauge. GME furnaces are particularly suitable for preset thermal cycles. Therefore, temperature setting devices and automated ageing joints are also available as optional features. All the standard furnaces included in this group are fitted with automated temperature devices with instant parameter display connected to thermocouples Pt-PtRh shielded by a gas-proof sheath. Compact coated steel structure fitted with ventilation areas used to keep the temperature of the outer surface of the furnace low. The door opens with a parallel movement and with the hot side away from the operator. A safety switch stops the resistors when the door is open. The electric equipment complies with I.E.C. standards.

One-year warranty against manufacturing defects
Data and specifications subject to updating.