Rapid preheating
drawing temper of steel in general
soft nitriding (titanium coated crucible)
isothermal hardening and tempering
case hardening

General information:
Resistor based indirect heating salt-bath furnaces can be used for several types of essential thermal treatments. Minimum warping, oxidation-proof and repeated constant high precision and even production processes are the peculiar advantages of this type of furnaces. The standard system is fitted with the actual furnace, the control panel and the soft iron crucible with heat resistant refractory steel on the outside. Perimetric fume hoods and extractor fans and special crucibles can be fitted as optional features.

Temperature setting
Temperature settings through thermocouples linked to a PID automatic temperature-setting device is applied to the resistors. An additional thermocouple inside the crucible is however supplied as a standard fitting. It is encased inside a heat and salt resistant steel tube and it is used to check the temperature of the bath treatment. The pyrometer it is connected to is called thermocouple and it also serves as a safety device for the whole system in case of irregular overheating. The electric equipment complies with IEC standards.

Alimentazione standard: V 380 trifase
Additional types of stress can be requested.

Model External diameter mm Height (*) mm Crucible diameter Useful Height Temp. °C
700°C 900°C 700°C 900°C
FF 200 700 920 900 960 200 300 700/900
FF 300 860 980 1000 1060 350 500 700/900
FF 500 1010 1130 900 910 500 700 700/900

(*) Apart from fume hoods

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