SERIE FE 1100 °C - 1200 °C

For thermal tretment of metals; for heating different products; special treatments

Furnace Serie FE can be used in several different thermal treatment applications. The structure of the heating chamber, the insulation system, the specific heat output, the automatic temperature control devices are the parameters requested. The technical data listed concern the most popular systems used as regards the thermal treatment of metals and they represent the reference point when choosing a type of furnace used for different purposes.

The chamber is heated on 4 sides. The side resistors and those installed in the arch are radiant, while the resistor in the furnace is screened. A refractory stainless steel base is available for the material that needs treating. The resistors are made of AF Kanthal alloy and are separated and connected electrically in order to obtain a balanced three-phase load.

The furnace door is insulated and fitted with a power supply switch off device that is activated when opening the door.
The control panel is fitted into the furnace structure in a shielded position. It includes an automatic self-adjusting temperature control with parameter setting digital display function. The panel is also fitted with inspection equipment for checking, the efficiency of the resistors, of the manual control and safety devices.
Heat insulation is worked out for a daily discontinuous thermal cycle and it consists of a combination of different density materials in order to achieve top efficiency and top durability according to the loads. The type of insulation adopted ensures that the temperature is reached quickly and restored rapidly when the load is introduced.

FE-N chamber sizes are reduced by about 10%.
Standard V 380 three-phase power supply

Temp. Max. 1200 °C mark FE/H
All the screened resistors. Temp. max. 1000 °C mark FE/C
Metal muffle for controlled atmospheres mark FE/N
A different temperature control system from the standard system (high precision, thermal cycle setting, timer, etc.).

Le dimensioni camera dei modelli FE-N sono ridotte al 10% circa.
Alimentazione elettrica standard V 380 trifase

Model Dim. chamber mm Dim. overall mm Weight Kg Power Kw Temp. °C
width height depth. width height depth
FE 25 250 190 500 610 1600 760 120 7,5 1100/1200
FE 37 300 240 500 740 1660 760 180 10 1100/1200
FE 45 420 240 600 860 1660 820 250 14 1100/1200
FE 65 420 290 600 860 1660 820 280 16 1100/1200
FE 75 500 320 600 980 1660 900 350 18 1100/1200
FE 120 500 320 800 980 1660 1100 400 21 1100/1200
FE 180 500 600 600 980 1700 900 430 23 1000/1100

One-year warranty against manufacturing defects
Data and specifications subject to updating.