All-purpose furnaces used in metallurgical, chemical and dental laboratories for heat treatment procedures.

It can be used in the most different temperature conditions; swift working temperature adjustments; high precision treatments; operating safety; easy maintenance.

Temperature monitoring
Floating temperature control with instant parameter display based on the parameter preset. The setting device supplies full power to the resistors until the working temperature is achieved. The tool then supplies variable power levels so as to prevent initial and floating temperature control variations. The floating temperature control can be removed from the board for inspection or maintenance thanks to the “PLUG-IN” system. Special temperature monitoring is available as an optional feature.

Resistors and thermal insulation
E type furnaces represent the best option as regards the heating-up period, the working life of the heating device and the duration of the thermal insulation. Thanks to the combination of lightened plates where the resistor is fully screened off, together with the use of preformed ceramic fibres the E type furnace can heat up and cool down just as quickly, thus offering better irregular working performances. In addition, low energy consumption keeps even furnace temperature conditions. The replacement of the heating device is quick, easy and low cost.

A thin gas-proof ceramic covering screens the thermocouple and it is connected to the temperature control through a plywood cable. Special thermocouples for treatment procedures inspection are available upon request.

Compact and elegant coated steel and anodised aluminium structure. The instruments and resistor terminals are set inside suitably aired spaces. For top operating safety the temperature stress of the resistors is turned off when opening the door. The electric equipment complies with the standards.

Standard features
Automatic temperature control
Daily timer with “OVERRIDE” change-over switch
Rear chimney for releasing fumes
Door switch

Optional features
Refractory steel hearth
Thermal cycle temperature timer
Inspection hole E-73 E-80 V220 three-phase E-80 V380 three-phase E-80 Soaking at 1000°C 0,8 KWh (E-80) Heating time:: 55 minutes (E-80)

Standard power supply: V220 single phase E-70
E-73 E-80
V220 three-phase E-80
V380 three-phase E-80
Soaking at 1000°C: 0,8 KWh (E-80)
Heating time: 55 minutes (E-80)

Model A mm. B mm. C mm. a mm. b mm. c mm. Peso Kg Potenza Kw Temp °C
E-70 320 440 430 120 75 130 25 0,9 1100
E-73 370 480 460 170 110 170 32 1,6 1100
E-80 500 600 600 210 150 300 56 3,3 1100

One-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
Data and specifications subject to updating.