Forni elettrici per trattamenti termici di precisione TIPO FVF

I forni FVF sono concepiti per eseguire uno dei più critici trattamenti termici degli acciai.

FVF furnaces are devised to carry out one of the most difficult steel heat treatments.
Tempering requires the utmost accuracy when achieving the temperature set for the whole load to be treated. Such accuracy must be kept for the whole range of tempering temperatures, ranging from 150°C to 700 °C according to the type of steel and to the function of the piece treated FVF furnaces with front access chamber are a valid alternative to traditional tempering pit Strong air circulation inside the furnace facilitates heat transfer, which coats entirely the material to be treated The transfer temperature is controlled and set by a microprocessor that adjusts the heating power according to the temperature preset and to the weight of the load so as to achieve a highly accurate and even treatment within ± 2° C The operator can check the temperature flow against the parameter set on the digital display FVF furnaces are very handy, the fans do not require cooling water connection but electric connection only Loading and unloading are made easy by the base arrangement of the chamber and they can also be combined according to the customers’ needs.

Model Chambre size mm Overal size mm Power Kw Temp. °C
width depth height width. depth height
FVF 40 400 600 400 900 1000 2000 10 750
FVF 45 450 600 450 900 1000 2000 12 750
FVF 50 500 800 500 1000 1200 2000 15 750

One-year warranty against manufacturing defects
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