• Ceramic fibre structure
  • Even temperature distribution
  • High efficiency insulation
  • Reduced power consumption
  • High quality electric resistors

The interest for ceramics as a hobby and as a school subject has prompted the development of low energy consumption electric furnaces in relation to the rather large kiln chamber. These furnaces are compact, light and with reduced power capacity and they can be fitted in any environment, even inside a house. HB furnaces are simple and safe to operate.

  • Kiln chamber entirely coated with fibre ceramic
  • Side resistors supported by fibre ceramic panels
  • Rigid refractory heated hearth
  • Upper condensation extractor fan also used for cooling the kiln chamber
  • Manually adjustable heating device when the product is dry.
  • The final firing temperature is checked by means of an electronic device that maintains the temperature preset through the inertia of the furnace thus preventing temperature variations during a longer baking process. The equipment can be removed for quick repairing.
  • The cooling stage can be set without the aid of an operator or longer baking time as needed.
  • Power supply cut off device when opening the door of the furnace

Sheet steelwork with access panels to the technical areas and front aluminium coating. Stove-enamelled finish and anodic oxidation for the aluminium details. Hinged door with clamping pressure. An aluminium panel set at a suitable distance stops thermal radiation from reaching the operator in the hazardous area of the door. Lightness and sturdiness are two additional features of the furnace structure. The sidewalls are covered with a suitable damp and corrosion resistant grid for preventing condensation and corrosion of the metalwork as well as the deterioration of the insulation properties of the coating.

Model Chamber size mm Overal size mm Weight Kg Power Kw Temp. °C
a b c A B C
HB 35 300 380 300 560 780 560 40 2+0,5 (*) 1000
HB 100 400 600 400 720 1050 720 70 3,3+0,8 (*) 1000

(*) Heating of hearth floor – Bigger size up to 1.5 m3 upon request V 220 single-phase standard power supply

One-year warranty against manufacturing defects
Data and specifications subject to updating.